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Traditional Indian Drink Recipe – The Lassi is Loved in India and Enjoyed with Meals

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Traditional Indian Lassi Recipe

A really smooth and cool drink

This is a true Indian lassi recipe!

If I’m honest, I am not a huge lassi fan but I do make them regularly. In fact either my wife or I make a lassi each and every morning with the addition of fruit and bran for breakfast. It’s a healthy drink that gets us going to face the work day ahead.

In India, this Indian lassi recipe is enjoyed with meals just as we in the West might enjoy wine with our dinner. This Indian lassi recipe is particularly popular with the Panjabi population where the lassi is often served as an aperitif. My kids love to drink lassies durning the summer months with ice. They are refreshing and cold like milkshakes but without all the fat.

I recommend trying this traditional Indian lassi recipefirst and then trying the alternative suggestions that follow. Try it with one of my Indian lamb curry recipes as the two seem to go down well together.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Serves 4

INGREDIENTS for this traditional Indian lassi recipe

3 cups low fat plain yogurt
1 cup ice cold water
4 Tablespoons jaggery (Indian sugar) or normal white sugar
1 Teaspoon rosewater – available online and at Indian markets

Mix all of the ingredients together and serve in glasses with lots of ice.

Now for the alternatives.

As you can see, the traditional Indian lassi is quite simple and easy to make. Alternatively, you could add your favourite fruit as I do and blend it all together into a breakfast shake. When I do this, I usually leave the sugar and rosewater out.

Try combinations such as banana and strawberry, mango and pear, and blueberry and raspberry. Using loads of fruit and perhaps a tablespoon of bran is an excellent way to eat healthily without having to think about it.

Kids love a little chocolate added to the original recipe. This may not be the health option but it is better that using ice-cream and they really don’t notice a difference.

Whatever you choose, these low calorie drinks are great for you and easy to make.

The traditional Indian lassi recipe can be easily made many different nutritious drinks.

Please be sure to stop back and let me know how you like this recipe. Did you come up with your own Indian lassi recipe you would like to share?

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