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My Lesson At Sachins With Bob Arora – What A Great Day

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Sachins is a must-try restaurant when in Newcastle!

I first met Kumeet (Bob) Arora when I visited his restaurant Sachins just after I started my curry blog. The food was fantastic.

So when he contacted me recently to invite me to cook with him in his kitchen, I jumped at the chance. I may have cooked Indian food every day for a year, but in the space of just a few hours, Bob taught me so much.

Bob Arora and me at Sachins

Bob and me at Sachins

I think this has to be one of the best things about writing my blog. To be able to work and learn with such excellent chefs as Bob Arora is a dream come true.

Sachins - Preparing fresh vegetables

Preparing fresh veg for the evening

In the video above, you will learn how to make two excellent and easy curries. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to watch the video as I will be typing out the recipes and posting them for you too.

The first recipe is a simple chicken curry which tasted amazing due to Bob’s use of the freshest, locally sources ingredients and his own roasted and ground garam masala. Believe me… homemade garam masala will take your curry cooking to the next level!

The second curry was one I had never tried before. It was a vegetarian potato curry that you really need to try. I made it for my family and they all loved it. This is a great recipe for you vegetarians out there.

Preparing food at Sachins

Food prep at Sachins

What you won’t see in the video is all the great advice Bob Arora gave me. I’ll be using Bob’s advice in future posts.

After making the curries and naans, we sat down to eat what we made. I’m telling you these simple recipe didn’t taste simple at all. They were spectacular. In fact I liked my meal so much, I insisted on taking my family to Sachins that evening.

My wife said it was the best Indian meal she had ever eaten! I guess I still need some practice to get up to Bob’s level. lol.

Thank you so much to Bob and all his staff who made the day so nice for me.

Preparing the evening meal at Sachins

Preparing the evening meals at Sachins


Monday 9th of July 2012

I made the Naan bread recipe on Saturday.. Only slight change was i also added fennel seeds as i know sachins use these in their Peshawar naans and the results were great. Best naans i've had at home, so much better than the doughy shop bought ones.

Dan Toombs

Monday 9th of July 2012

Great to hear Andy. I totally agree with you too. Sachins naans are the best! Thanks for trying the recipe.

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