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The I.O.Shen Extra Long Blade Bread Knife – Purchase The Best

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I.O.Shen Extra Long Blad Bread Knife

Perfect slice – every time! I.O.Shen.

I have tried and tested each of the knives in the I.O.Shen Knives product range. You know you can always trust I.O.Shen Knives to perform fantastically well. I liked them so much I purchased the whole range and became a distributor! If you are interested in purchasing I.O.Shen Knives online at reduced prices, then read on…

I.O.Shen knives are the sharpest knives on the market and stay sharp longer between sharpening. The The I.O.Shen Extra Long Bread Knife is the best bread knife I have ever used.

The I.O.Shen Bread Knife is the only knife in the range doesn’t have the Triplex Steel Technology. It isn’t needed due to the serrations. You will be amazed at how well this bread knife cuts through even the hardest crusts – neatly and precisely.

Working as a food blogger as I do, I have tried and tested a lot of bread knives and know I can rely on I.O.Shen every time.

The long blade makes slicing through freshly baked bread easy regardless of the size of the loaf. It cuts through hard and soft crusts with ease and then straight through leaving you with a picture perfect straight slice every time.

I.O.Shen Extra Long Blade Bread Knife

I love my I.O.Shen Knives.

As with all the other knives in I.O.Shen’s fantastic range, the bread knife features a stylish and recognisable heavy handle. If you are used to knives manufactured in the West, you will like this. Most Japanese knives feature lighter handles made from metal, bamboo or wood.

As you can see from the photographs, this product is not only a pleasure to use but it will also look awesome displayed in your kitchen. You may even decide to purchase the I.O.Shen knife block as I did.

If you enjoy baking bread as I do, you owe it to yourself to give this knife a try.

Believe me, once you’ve tried the I.O.Shen Extra Long Bread Knife you’ll never go back.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that baking the perfect loaf is a true art. Ensuring that your work looks the best it can when presented at the table is important.

Blade of the I.O.Shen Bread Knife

You can’t purchase a better bread knife!

There’s no point going to all that work just to to have it break apart with crumbs everywhere now is there! With this specially designed knife you will be able to make precision cuts and take pride in what you’ve produced.

Of course with a RRP of £59.95, this product is not for everyone. For the keen chefs and bakers out there, however it’s the only one!

Handle of the I.O.Shen Bread Knife

The distinctively designed heavy handle.


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