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Indian side dishes make a meal into a delicious feast!

Every good Indian curry or tandoori meal needs a few good Indian side dishes! Here you will find all the most popular to make that curry meal into a delicious and amazing feast.

From naans and chapatis to rice, chutneys, pickles and raitas… You’ll find them here and what’s more, I add to this list regularly so be sure to check back often.

You will find recipes for perfect naans. These popular side dishes can be made many ways, from a simple frying pan method to cooking the in a home tandoor.

Cooking rice is one thing people steer away from because they are afraid they won’t get good results. Follow my recipes for rice side dishes and I promise you’ll get perfect fluffy rice each and every time.

You will also find recipes for some of the most popular pickles, raitas and chutneys. These add so much flavour to a meal. You can make these side dishes in advance and then bring them out whenever you want to make the most amazing of Indian meals.

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