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Curry Guy Ready Meals by Home Cooks

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Great News! Curry Guy Ready Meals are Available Now!

Back in April, I was contacted by Home Cooks about bringing out a selection of Curry Guy ready meals. Home Cooks is well known for delivering delicious home cooked ready meals that taste amazing right to your doorstep. In addition to my ready meals, there is a huge selection of other ready meals that are home cooked to perfection.


You might have seen that we did a soft launch of the meals a few months ago but now I want everyone to know about these tasty curries!

To celebrate the launch of my Curry Guy ready meals, I have been given a few discount codes so that you can try my meals or any of the others at a reduced price. Details below…

Free curry promo by Home Cooks

What are the DISCOUNT CODES?

Code – THECURRYGUY: If you would like to order one of my ready meals and/or a few of the other available ready meals, use the discount code THECURRYGUY when placing your order. This will get you a 25% DISCOUNT off your complete order. 

Code – FREECURRY: If you place an order of £30 or more, you can enter the discount code FREECURRY to receive your choice of my three different curries free of charge! This means you can choose to purchase more of my curries or a selection of some of the other amazing ready meals available at Home Cooks and receive one of my curries absolutely free!

About the Curries…

These are the first three curries in the range. We will be adding others if they are well accepted. So far, you only need to read some of the reviews from the soft launch to see they are going down very well!

Reviews of The Curry Guy ready meals by Home Cooks

Chicken Tikka Masala

This Curry Guy ready meal is delicious and, like the others, prepared using my recipe. It really tastes just like homemade because it is homemade! You can order a meal for one which includes rice for just £6.90 or a meal for two for £12.90. You are going to love this!

Be sure to use one of the discount codes THECURRYGUY or FREECURRY when placing your order!

Chicken tikka masala Curry Guy ready meal by Home Cooks

Lamb Madras

Those of you who follow me on social or read my blog will know that lamb Madras is one of my favourite curry house style curries. When I first tried what Home Cooks did with my recipe, I was blown away. This Lamb Madras ready meal has huge chunks of deliciously tender lamb in a spicy sauce. This curry is not as spicy as most Madras curries but the flavour is out of this world gorgeous!

You can order a meal for one which includes rice for just 7.90 and a meal for two for just £14.90 and it’s worth every penny!

Be sure to use one of the discount codes THECURRYGUY or FREECURRY when placing your order!

Lamb madras ready meal by Home Cooks

Punjabi Rajma

Fancy trying one of my vegetarian recipes? You will love this Punjabi rajma Curry Guy ready meal or kidney bean curry. It’s so good and is also the perfect accompaniment for one or both of the meat curries in the range.

Be sure to use one of the discount codes THECURRYGUY or FREECURRY when placing your order!

Punjabi rajma curry guy ready meal by Home Cooks

Who Cooks These Curries?

One question you might have is whether I actually cook the curries in this range. The Curry Guy ready meals are prepared by professional cooks using my recipes. 

How do the curries arrive?

The Curry Guy ready meals are sent out frozen. They’re the perfect after work meal when you just want to get home and eat without the fuss of cooking. As they are prepared using my recipes, you can enjoy a Curry Guy meal without having to get home and start cooking.

Would you like more information?

Please visit Home Cooks website. There, you will find all the other delicious dishes they have on offer as well as my own. Their service is second to none and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I love each of these meals and have tried many of the others available on their website. I highly recommend Home Cooks which is why I have decided to work closely with them.