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Prashad Cookbook – A Review

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The Prashad cookbook should be in every Indian food fans cookbook library!


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I don’t write very many cookbook reviews. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I simply don’t have the time. My copy of Prashad has taken pride of place in my kitchen since August; a constant reminder of some of the amazing meals my family and I have enjoyed cooking with it.

In the months since Kaushy Patel’s son Bobby sent me the book, I have worked my way from cover to cover. Within its now turmeric and ghee stained pages is a modern day masterpiece of Indian cookery. If anyone had told me I’d be saying that about a vegetarian cookbook a few years ago I’d have laughed myself unconscious!

Each of these recipes is awesome! In fact I’ll go out on a limb and say that even the most fanatical of carnivores won’t miss their meat. The recipes are easy to follow and most are within the abilities of novice cooks.

The recipes are all introduced by Kaushy with information about each dish; it’s origin, information about the ingredients and/or family stories. This for me is one of the things that makes this cookbook so appealing.

‘Prashad’ is divided into well thought out and organized chapters. The book starts with Kaushy telling us all about her childhood in India and her love of cooking which was heavily influenced by her grandmother. She describes her move to England and the early days of Prashad as a small deli right up to the brilliant family run business it is today.

This is followed by a list of important ingredients and helpful tips. I like how Kaushy encourages readers to substitute other ingredients if those she suggests are difficult to find. She also offers alternatives for hard to find ingredients so that you don’t need to skip a recipe just because you happen to live somewhere where fresh fenugreek leaves simply aren’t available.

From eye-catching starters to delicious street snacks, from amazing main courses to the most incredible side dishes, pickles, chutneys, breads, drinks and sweets, you are going to find some of the best Indian recipes you’ve ever tried in Prashad!

I have tried each and every recipe and can honestly say I’ve liked if not loved them all. Unique recipes which deserve a mention here are the stuffed colocasia leaf rolls, garlic-coconut filled potato balls, seed topped lentil cakes, seed topped chickpea pancake rolls and the masala dosa.

Remember when I said that almost all of the recipes are within the abilities of novice cooks. Well I really made a mess of the latter two recipes but they still tasted out of this world gorgeous and I’m determined to perfect my skills! I’m not sure I’ll ever get the dosa thing down though – lol.

If you love Indian food, then you need to have this book in your library. It is available both in hardback and also as a Kindle ebook.

I say bring on Prashad Volume Two please Kaushy.

Disclaimer: I was sent my copy of Prashad free of charge to review. I never guarantee a good review. Thank you Bobby Patel very much for taking the time to send me Prashad. I love it.

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