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The Curry Guy App

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Now you can get all my most popular recipes on The Curry Guy App!

If you would like the convenience of having my recipes with you whenever you need them, The Curry Guy App is all you need. This new improved app will be updated every two months with loads of new recipes for you to try.

In fact, if you have the app and you don’t see a specific recipe from my blog that you would like to have on the app too, just ask. I will get it on The Curry Guy App for you.

Curry Guy App

You can recreate restaurant quality dishes from around the world!

The Curry Guy app for iOS and Android features over 250 recipes (over 25 of which are free of charge). Each of these recipes includes illustrated step-by-step instructions, designed to keep things simple in the kitchen.

These recipes  are the result of years of research all over the world.

Is this the same Curry Guy App as before?

It’s much better! There are over twice as many recipes on the new app and we will continue to be update it regularly. The original app focussed mostly on BIR (British Indian Restaurant) style recipes but now you have so much more to choose from.

That said, if you already purchased the previous version of The Curry Guy App, you still have it. You just need to re-download the new version of the app on your phone or tablet and tap ‘Restore Purchases’ from the unlock tab. You will also receive all the latest updates just as before.

If you have any technical problems updating the original app, please contact the developer, Stuart Cooper who will be very happy to assist you. Please note that it may take a little while to download images when you first use the app as there are so many new recipes.

Curry Guy App Screenshots

How do you get the full app?

You can download the free version which includes quite a few FREE recipes. To get all of the recipes, you can choose to purchase them monthly, yearly or make a one time payment and get the full app with all of the recipes. This is slightly more expensive but you will never need to think about it again.

What can you expect to find on The Curry Guy App?

From chicken tikka masala to lamb vindaloo, onion bhajis to tandoori chicken, you are certain to find the curry house style recipes you love.

In addition, the app now includes other popular curried or spiced dishes from around the world – you’ll find delicious Indian, Sri Lankan, Indonesian, Thai, Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese recipes are available.

REMEMBER… If you don’t find a recipe from my blog that you use often, let me know. I will get it on the app for you.

Are you ready to download The Curry Guy App?

I hope you enjoy using the app. I am always available to answer any questions on Twitter (@TheCurryGuy) or Facebook (/TheCurryGuy)

You can download the app for free by clicking the relevant button below for either iOS or Android.

The Curry Guy App for iOS Curry Guy App for Android

Happy cooking!
Dan (The Curry Guy)