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The Curry Guy Cookbooks

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I’m happy to write personalized messages. Just ask when you place your order.

The Curry Guy cookbooks can be ordered directly from me and the price includes carriage to one mainland UK address!

Each of my cookbooks are available in Kindle format too!


Curry Guy Cookbook

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The Curry Guy shows all British Indian restaruant (BIR) food lovers around the world how to make their favourite dishes at home.

Each of the classic curry sauces are given, including tikka masala, korma, dopiazza, pasanda, madras, dhansak, rogan josh, vindaloo, karai, jalfrezi, bhuna and keema.

Popular vegetable and sides dishes are there as accompaniments, aloo gobi, saag aloo and tarka dhal, plus samosas, pakoras, bhaji, and pickles, chutneys and raitas.

Of course, no curry is complete without rice or naan. This book will show you how to cook perfect pilau rice or soft pillowy naan every time.


The Curry Guy Easy Cookbook

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The Curry Guy Easy cookbook series continues where The Curry Guy Cookbook left off!  Over 100 new curry house favourites are in this books such as  Chicken 65, Black Dhal, Aloo Chaat, Simple Dosas, Prawn Balti, Lamb Keema Saag, and many more.

Whether it’s getting your curry cooked and on the table speedily, or doing minimal chopping and mixing before popping into a pan to simmer away happily, you’ll spend less time on the washing-up and more on the enjoyment of eating.

For BIR food lovers all over the world, this is an essential guide to making their favourite recipes at home. 


The Curry Guy Veggie Cookbook

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Vegetarian food is popular all over India, and people are growing to love the fresh, spicy and sweet flavours of authentic Indian cooking here in the west too. This cookbook focusses on creating delicious veggie meals with little fuss.

Curry Guy Veggie showcases how exciting Indian vegetarian food can be with mouth-watering starters, classic curries, idlis, dosas and fried breads, as well as the delicious side dishes that we all know and love.


The Curry Guy Light Cookbook

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Lower in carbs and calories than most other Indian recipes. Lower in fat and salt without lacking flavour. Delicious and fresh-tasting.

In The Curry Guy Light I show that you can make your favourite curry house meals but at the same time know that it’s really good for you – you’d never know it when the recipes work work their magic!

This book includes a lighter version of my curry house style base sauce and lower-cal versions of curry house classics, including starters like onion bhajis and spicy hot chicken wings, indulgent Goan prawn curry, chicken tikka masala and saag paneer, your favourite sides such as tarka dhal and coconut rice, plus chutneys and snacks.

All the recipes have clear, step-by-step instructions, and are guaranteed 100% delectable. 

I’m happy to write personalized messages. Just ask when you place your order.

Laurence Swain

Saturday 2nd of October 2021

Hi there,

I'm looking to buy one of your books. The Curry Bible has 350+ pages and your first book The Curry Guy has around 160 pages.

Is the majority of the content in 'The Curry Guy' book duplicated in the book 'The Curry Bible' ?

I'm just getting into cooking curries from home again after afew years break and have used Pat Chapman' s book 'The Indian Restaurant Cookbook' for years, and it is now covered in Curry of various types on most of the pages I regularly use the recipies from! I need a new book to daub curry on the pages of!

Dan Toombs

Wednesday 6th of October 2021

The Bible contains a combination of the best recipes from my first three books with 50 new recipes so I would go for the Curry Guy Bible. Thanks very much. Dan


Monday 5th of July 2021

Hi Dan, Just found your Curry Books, now have three of them, and just as a quickie, not being Milk tolerant, tried the Coconut Ice cream, wow, was delicious, just never made enough of it.

Dan Toombs

Tuesday 6th of July 2021

Great to hear, thank you for letting me know. Dan

James Hall

Sunday 4th of July 2021

Hi Dan, loving the recipes from your curry bible book! What brand/specific brand of food colouring would you recommend? Not sure which is best.

Cheers James

Dan Toombs

Monday 5th of July 2021

Great you are enjoying my recipes. I don't have a brand that I favour so just buy whatever you can get hold of. Thanks Dan

Mafeesh Moushkella

Tuesday 8th of June 2021

Hi Dan,

Somebody in one of the curry groups has bought your Thai book and noticed that your Yellow Curry Paste recipe is a bit unclear.

I checked my copy and it states:

1½ tsp cardamom seeds ½ tsp green cardamom seeds (optional)

The query is whether the non-optional seeds should be green or black cardamom, as it's not specifically stated.

Thanks in advance,


Dan Toombs

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

I apologise, there is a typo which will be fixed in future editions. Use 1/2 teaspoon cardommon seeds taken from the inside of a green cardomonm pods. Thanks very much Dan

Pete Thomas

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Hello Dan

The curry bible includes recipes for mixed powder and curry powder but most of the recipes I have noticed just use mixed powder. Are they interchangeable? The curry powder seems to have a lot more aromatics. If they are not interchangeable how would you use the curry powder?

Thanks very much


Dan Toombs

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Hi Pete You could just buy curry powder as it is required to make mixed powder. However, if you make your own by roasting and grinding spices it will take things to a whole new level. Having said that, if you have made a lot of curry powder and don't feel like making the mixed powder just use the curry powder as it will still be very good. Thanks for buying my book, much appreciated. Dan

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