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Goat curry recipes are loved around the world. Goat meat is becoming much more popular and the flavour is amazing.

Here you will find a selection of goat meat curries from the Americas and India. The full flavoured meat works perfectly in a curry. In fact, if you have a lamb curry recipe, you could substitute goat meat with excellent results.

Advice on cooking Goat meat curries.

Like most red meat, goat meat should be stewed and/or roasted for a long time. Goats are active animals with lots of muscle. To break that down, you will need to cook the meat for a long time until the meat is tender. No rushing this!

There is another bonus to cooking the goat meat for a long time. It makes the sauce in your goat meat curries taste amazing.

If you have the bones, add them to while cooking for even more delicious flavour.

Working ahead.

So there is a long cooking time when making goat meat curries. So if you are serving the curry to family or a crowd, consider making the curry a day or two in advance.

Curries get better if they are left in the fridge a couple of days. The flavours develop. You will notice the difference!

All you need to do then is heat your goat meat curry up knowing that the meat will be deliciously tender to serve.

Please feel free to leave a comment and ask questions. Making goat meat curries is a fantastic way to learn to cook curries of all types. Get to know those spices and your goat meat curries will be the best around.