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Easy Chinese Hot Pot

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This Chinese Hot Pot recipe is a real crowd pleaser!

If you’ve ever tried a Chinese hot pot, you might wonder what it exactly is. There are so many different versions and recipes for Chinese hot pot and I’m here to explain all the ways you can make it.

This is an easy recipe but you can also make it more difficult on yourself if you choose to do so. 

Chinese hot pot

What is Chinese Hot Pot?

Chinese hot pot is essential a flavoured broth. If you go to a Chinese grocer you are certain to find many different ready-made mixes that you can simply add to water to make the flavoured broth.

I find these ready these ready-made mixes really good and I alway enjoy trying new ones. You can also make your own broth which I explain how to do below.

You heat the broth up at the table and lay out veggies, meat, tofu, prawns, whatever you fancy really to dip into the hot broth. The hot broth is there to cook whatever you add to it or heat it through depending on the ingredient.

How do you serve Chinese Hot Pot?

At the table! It is great if you have an electric Chinese hot pot like the one above but you could also just wing it. A countertop soup maker or a pan on a hot plate will do the job. 

Hot pots are usually served with noodles such as ramen noodles that you cook before placing on the table. 

This time around, I served my Chinese hot pots with two different broths and a selection of thinly sliced beef rump and pork. That together with a good selection of veggies.

You then add the veggies, meat, prawns etc. to the hot broth to heat it through and devour!

Hot pots are great for serving 4 or more people.

You will see that hot pots are meant to be enjoyed with others. Everyone around the table can choose what they want to add to the broth and then they can fish it out when it’s ready.

This is all down to the chef. My daughter for example has to have her meat cooked right through. I prefer mine on the rare side. So everyone can choose how they want their food cooked as they are in control.

How do you serve the food?

In bowls. Just like you would a soup. You can place a big mound of ramen noodles in your bowl. Top it with whatever your are cooking and then ladle over some of the broth.

Just enjoy the experience. The food itself will by amazing.

Why do you use Chinese hot pot mixes?

You definitely don’t have to and I don’t always do this. I do it for ease as I know they are good. Although most Chinese hot pot mixes call for the mix to be stirred into about a liter (4 cups) of water, I like to give mine even more flavour and use my own homemade Chinese chicken stock.

I guess when doing so I don’t feel as guilty about using a broth mix!

Do you have to use a hot pot mix to prepare a Chinese hot pot?

Absolutely not! As mentioned above, I add my own homemade chicken stock to the mixes. You could also try to flavour that same chicken stock with ingredients for your hot pot.

It’s really just a broth for cooking but you want it to taste good.

How do you flavour a homemade chicken stock for a hot pot?

You will find many different Chinese hot pot mixes at Chinese grocers. The way I do it is take a note of what’s in them but sometimes I just experiment. 

You could add soy sauce, Chinese crispy chili oil or other hot sauces, chunks of ginger and garlic, spring onions (scallions)… Really just add the ingredients you want until you are happy with the flavour.

The Chinese hot pot mixes at shops are the perfect place to start though. Try them, see what you like and try to copy it by reading the ingredients on the side of the package.

Can you use other stocks besides chicken stock?

Yes. Try either my Chinese chicken stock, Thai chicken stock or the beef stock used to produce authentic beef pho. If making the beef pho stock, you could make it more Chinese by using only Chinese ingredients as in the chicken stock. Lamb bones can also be used in the same way as the beef bones. 

If you do decide to make your own stock, it can be combined with a Chinese hot pot mix or you could try adding your own flavourings such as soy sauce, ginger, garlic, coriander (cilantro) and chili oil.

So is hot pot only a Chinese meal?

No. Hot pots originated in southern China but have made their way all across South Asia. Each county has their own play on the dish. In time, I will show examples from each country but for now, try experimenting.

There is no right or wrong way to cook a hot pot. It just has to taste good and it most surely will. 

Step by step photos.

There really aren’t any step by step photos for this one as that would be boring. Just check out these photos for ideas.

example photo of Chinese hot pot mixes

You will find Chinese hot pot mixes at Chinese grocers and online. You can also make your own broth. Please see above.

The hot pot broths prepared and heating at the table.

Prepare the broths by mixing each with 1 liter (4 cups) of water or homemade chicken stock. Heat at the table and when boiling hot, start cooking.

Vegetables and meat cooked in a hot pot broth

Cook your veggies and meat of choice and then transfer to a bowl with noodles. Ladle some of the broth over it all.

Eating the Chinese hot pot with spoon and chopsticks

Enjoy. Everyone at the table can cook as much or as little as they like and can also choose what they cook. It’s a real communal thing.

Have you tried this easy Chinese hot pot recipe?

If you have, please give it a star rating in the recipe card below and leave a comment. I love to get your feedback and I’m sure other readers of my blog do too. 


Yield: 8

Indo-Chinese Hot Pot

Indo-Chinese Hot Pot
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours 15 minutes


  • 2 liters (8 cups) water or homemade chicken stock
  • 2 packets of Chinese hot pot mix
  • Vegetables of choice, thinly sliced for faster cooking
  • Meat or tofu, thinly sliced for faster cooking.
  • 500g (1 1/4 lbs) ramen noodles, cooked as packet instructions.


  1. Finely slice your ingredients of choice and lay them out separately so they are easy to get to at the table.
  2. Mix one liter (4 cups) water or stock with one hot pot mix and another liter (4 cups) with another packet of hot pot mix.
  3. Heat these both up at the table until boiling hot.
  4. Lay everything, including the ramen noodles out on the table.
  5. Put the ramen noodles into 6 bowls. Start cooking! As the meat, tofu and/or vegetables cook, transfer them to your bowl and top with some of the broth.
  6. Eat!

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 240Total Fat: 11gSaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 7gCholesterol: 42mgSodium: 602mgCarbohydrates: 16gFiber: 2gSugar: 5gProtein: 19g

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Hot pot

Here’s a version served with prawns and pork loin. Whatever you want to dip, dip it!

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