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Vietnamese Grilled Scallops – Sò Điệp Nướng

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Sò Điệp Nướng is simply amazing and so so simple to make!

I had the opportunity to eat these delicious scallops all over Vietnam when my wife and I stayed their for a month. We travelled from the south to the north and enjoyed so much delicious shellfish dishes. Sò Điệp Nướng was one of our favourites.

Sò Điệp Nướng

Place these scallops on your barbecue next time you have a dinner party. Your guests will love you for it.

About this Sò Điệp Nướng recipe…

The first time my wife and I tried these mouthwatering scallops was at a restaurant on An Bang Beach near Hoi An. We had tried similar versions before but these were cooked right in front of us over hot coals.

You can also bake them in an oven that has been preheated to 200c/400f for about 10 minutes but we loved the smokiness that the live fire cooking gave the Sò Điệp Nướng.

What are the essential ingredients for Sò Điệp Nướng

Oil and spring onions! These are in every recipe but some places added tasty things and what could be wrong with that?

In my recipe below, I added fried garlic, chillies and roasted peanuts. You might also like to top these with fried shallots and/or lime juice.

Is salt needed in this recipe?

I don’t usually add salt to the scallops or oil but you might want to. The scallops are already a bit salty from the sea and most roasted peanuts are salty. 

Go ahead and add more to taste though if you like. 

Step by step photographs

ingredients for Vietnamese scallops

Gather all your ingredients together before starting to cook.

Chopped scallops

If using large scallops, slice them into smaller bite sized pieces.

Scallops in shells

Divide the scallops between the shells.

Oil simmering over the fire

Heat the oil and then add the butter. Stir in the spring onions (scallions) and chillies and then take off the heat.

Heating the scallops

Place the scallops over the fire and cook for about two minutes.

Scallops topped with oil.

Top each shell with a generous amount of the oil mixture.

Finished Sò Điệp Nướng

When cooked through, transfer to a serving plate and top with peanuts and coriander (cilantro)

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Yield: 6

Vietnamese Grilled Scallops - Sò Điệp Nướng

Sò Điệp Nướng
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes


  • 10 scallops in the shell, for ease ask your fishmonger to open the shells for you
  • 6 spring onions (scallions), finely chopped
  • 2 spur chillies, thinly sliced
  • 70ml (1/4 cup) rapeseed (canola) oil
  • 2 tbsp unsalted butter, really soft or melted
  • Salt to taste if needed
  • Fresh red chillies
  • Coriander
  • Fried garlic slivers
  • Lime wedges
  • Crushed peanuts


  1. If your scallops are really large, cut them into smaller
    bite sized pieces. Place the whole or cut scallops into a on top of 8 scallop shells.
  2. Now build a direct heat fire. When it is uncomfortably hot to hold your hand for two seconds, 5cm (2 inches) above the cooking grate, you’re ready to get cooking.
  3. Pour the oil into a small pan and heat over the fire. When bubbly hot, add the butter and then stir in the spring onion (scallions) and chillies. Take the spring onion sauce off the heat and set aside.
  4. Place the scallops on the cooking grate and cook for about 2 minutes to heat the bottom shells. Then scoop over a generous amount of the spring onion (scallion) oil and cook for another 4 minutes or until the scallops are cooked through. You will notice a bit of browning in the shell which is a good indicator that the scallops are ready.
    Serve immediately with the toppings of your choice.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 143Total Fat: 5gSaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 20mgSodium: 344mgCarbohydrates: 18gFiber: 2gSugar: 3gProtein: 8g

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