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These air fryer curry recipes get amazing results!

Have you ever wondered if you could cook a whole curry in an air fryer? I can assure you that you can and you will love making these air fryer curry recipes too.

Air fryers were developed as a substitute for deep and shallow frying foods. They were not developed to make sauces and stews but that’s where this gets good!

Using my air fryer curry recipes, you will be able to not only cook a curry but also make them taste just like they were cooked in a hot pan. What’s more, you won’t have a lot of mess to clean up when your finished cooking.

Does the curry sauce splatter when cooking?

Not at all. In my air fryer curry recipes, you first prepare a thick curry sauce. That is then added to a small pan in your air fryer and air fried until it is hot enough to serve. As you take the curry out when it is hot enough to serve, there is absolutely no splatter.

How can these air fryer curry recipes taste like pan fried curries?

The first curry recipes I developed for this blog are the most popular curries served at curry houses. These are real British Indian restaurant (BIR) style curries. The curries only serve 2 so that you never have to over fill your air fryer pan. As the hot air flows down on the curry, it browns and caramelises it just as you would when pan frying. The resulting curry is spot on!

Do you have a favourite air fryer curry?

So far I have loved the results from each of these curry recipes. The most popular curries you might like to try first are chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh and chicken rezala but as I mentioned above, I love them all and hope you do too!.