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About these dal recipes

There are so many dhal recipes out there but some are searched for much more often. I have tried to offer the most popular on my blog.

From tarka dal to a long cooked black dhal, you will find the dal recipes you’re looking for here.

What’s more, this page of dal recipes will be updated regularly with new dal/dhal recipes for you to try.

Making the best dal…

Just follow the recipes. They work!

Be sure to allow yourself the time you need to cook your dal.

Some dals like chana and red masoor dal only take minutes while others such as dal makhani need to cook low and slow for a long time.

Want to know more about making these and other dal recipes?

Please be sure to write a comment.

I would love to hear from you and I’m always open to trying new dals for the blog.

Working ahead…

Many lentils need to be soaked overnight.

Be sure to do this for best results. Just read the instructions on the package before making the different recipes

Speeding up the cooking process…

Pressure cookers are very popular in India for cooking dals.

They are now becoming much more popular in the west too and they do reduce the cooking time a lot!

Black dhal or dal makhani, for example could take up to 4 hours to cook if done on the stove. This time is reduced to about 40 minutes in a pressure cooking.

I hope you enjoy these delicious dal recipes. Making a delicious dal as a side dish or main can really help make a meal amazing.