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This homemade paratha recipe will get you fantastic results!

Normally when I show my step by step recipes, I do them myself. I prepare the recipes in my own home kitchen and then send the recipe and photos out to all of you.

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were invited back to Scarfes Bar by Head Chef Palash Mitra. While there, I was able to watch him prepare some of his fantastic recipes which I photographed.

Paratha Recipe

So many delicious layers. You’ve got to try this one!

How to cook parathas…

Chef Palash Mitra makes parathas in a tandoor oven. This is something I’ve started doing in my own tandoor oven but normally they are fried in a tawa which is a flat frying pan.

If you happen to have a tandoor oven, give it a try. His paratha recipe gets great results which are lighter than other methods.

So how do I cook them in a pan?

Realising that not many people have a tandoor oven, I have also shown photos of the pan method. Yes, I do prefer the tandoor but I promise you, you won’t be disappointed if you prepare this paratha recipe in a pan. Parathas are an excellent alternative to homemade naans. They are great on their own dipped in your favourite raita or chutney and very nice wrapped around barbecued tandoori style meat and vegetables.

Before making this recipe, you will first need to prepare a batch of my homemade naan dough.

Making Parathas

Separate your dough into pool ball sized balls and then let them rise slightly (Covered)

Making parathas

Roll each out into paper thin round discs and top with a little vegetable oil.

Making parathas

Carefully fold into pleats resembling the bellows of an accordion.

Making parathas

Roll this into a nice tight ball, pushing upwards as you do.

Making Parathas

Don’t worry if yours isn’t as pretty as Palash’s. He’s an expert chef. Yours will still be awesome.

Making parathas

Allow to sit for ten mins. Then roll out into another thin disc to cook.

Making parathas

One of Palash’s parathas being removed from the tandoor.

Making parathas

The pan cooked method. As the paratha cooks, bubbles will rise on the surface.

Making parathas

Flip is over when brown spots appear on the underside to brown the top.


Not so layered as Palash’s tandoor version but still a lot different in texture to naans. So good.

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Yield: 8

Homemade Parathas

Homemade Parathas
Prep Time 55 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes



  1. Separate the naan dough into equal sized balls about the size of pool balls.
  2. Cover and allow to rise for another 40 minutes.
  3. Roll each dough ball out into a very flat disc shape.
  4. Spoon a little oil over the surface of each dish. (See photograph above)
  5. Carefully fold into pleats resembling the bellows of an accordion.
  6. Now roll this up into a spiral ball. (See photos above)
  7. Allow to sit for about 15 minutes and then roll out again into disc shapes.
  8. Heat a frying pan over medium hit heat and place one of your discs in it.
  9. As the bottom cooks, small bubbles will appear on the top.
  10. When brown spots begin to appear on the underside, flip it over to brown the top.
  11. After about a minute, flip over again for another 20 seconds and remove from the heat. Keep warm.
  12. Repeat with the rest of the dough.

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