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These authentic and Indian restaurant style accompaniments are delicious and fun to make.

There is a growing number of Indian restaurant and authentic accompaniments so be sure to check this section often. I am adding to these recipes often as I discover new and exciting Indian sides.

Accompaniments make a meal. Sure it’s nice to have a good curry but by adding pickles and chutneys you are adding a huge variety of colour, taste and flavour.

Most of my Indian accompaniments are fairly quick and easy to make and in  most cases can be made ahead of time. They can also mostly be bulk made so can be kept in the fridge to be used with each Indian meal served.

I think the most popular and well know Indian accompaniments are the infamous chutneys that are served with poppadoms on arrival at most Indian restaurants. I love a spicy hot lime pickle but just as popular is a very mild yogurt raita or the lovely onion dips that are widely served.

Go ahead and experiment with all my lovely Indian sides dishes!