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Looking for tasty biryani recipes? You’ll find them here!

You are going to love making these authentic biryani recipes. These are recipes that serve a crowd and taste just like they do at the best biryani stalls and restaurants in India and Pakistan.

Whether you want a good chicken biryani or a meaty lamb biryani, you will see how they are prepared. If you want a good vegetarian biryani, you most definitely need to try the Pakistani chickpea biryani below!

Is it easy to make these biryanis?

Yes. There are often quite a few ingredients but the work involved is minimal.

Is the Basmati rice important?

Yes. You want to source the best basmati rice you can get your hands on for these biryani recipes. These are rice dishes after all so make sure to look for premium quality, well aged Basmati rice.

Would you like more rice dishes?

If you like serving rice as a main or side dish, be sure to check out my rice section here. You will find what you’re looking for and if you don’t, just ask in the comments. I take requests.

What do you serve with these biryani recipes?

You might like to make your biryani into a feast. Try making some homemade samosas or serving your biryani with a good chutney or raita.