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Scroll down to find the most popular Indian rice recipes to serve with your curries.

One thing I get asked most often is how to make rice that is as good as you get at the best Indian restaurants. With the following Indian rice recipes you can do just that!

Many people are afraid to cook rice because they have had bad experiences in the past. Use these rice recipes and you will get perfectly cooked rice every time.

Start by making perfect white Basmati rice

When you try my no fail Basmati rice, you will see just how easy it is to make amazing, fluffy white rice each and every time. The idea behind this Basmati rice recipe is important and will ensure all your rice, from pilau rice, jeera rice to lemon rice and onion rice will be restaurant quality every time!

Can you really get perfect cooked rice at home?

Yes! All the information you need to make the perfect rice is in the recipes below. Better yet, you will see just how easy it is! Try these rice recipes with your choice of curries such as the hugely popular curry house curries you will find on this blog.

Anyone can cook rice!

From steamed to fried rice you will see how it’s done and you will love the results. I promise! There are a few rules to stick to but do that and you will love the rice you cook and want to do it again often.

I have a lot more Indian rice recipes on the way too so be sure to bookmark this page!