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Want to learn to make the perfect dosas? Try these dosa recipes!

I have been making dosas for many years. There was lots of trial and error involved before I finally taught myself how to get all of my dosa recipes just right.

In this section, you will learn how to make dosa batter and with that, you will be able to prepare all of my dosa recipes.

There are many more recipes for delicious dosas on the way and as I make and photograph the different dosa recipes, they will be here for you on this page. So be sure to bookmark this page and return often if you are a dosa fan like me.

Is it difficult to make dosas?

No but it does take a little practice and getting to know the batter and what consistency it should be will help. I have explained the dosa batter in detail here. With that batter you can make delicious dosas whenever you want but you will need to practice a bit first.

Feel free to experiment with these dosa recipes

Once you prepare the batter, you are free to experiment with your toppings of choice. I will be adding many more ideas to this page but you can to your dosas with whatever you like.

If it sounds good, it probably will be.

For now, be sure to try masala dosas! They are the most popular by far.