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If you like Malaysian food, you are going to find some delicious Malaysian recipes on this page.

I recently went out to Malaysia to research recipes for a book I’m writing. Here you are going to find many of the Malaysian recipes I brought back with me.

Whether you just want a one pot Malaysian curry, deep fried chicken or you want to have a go at making some amazing Malaysian barbecue recipes, you will find most of the favourites here. If not, just ask. I happily take requests.

Do you know what Malaysian recipes to look for?

Are you knew to Malaysian food or perhaps just want to try something new? You should definitely try the famous devil chicken curry. It’s so good.

Also hugely popular from Malaysia is chicken kapitan, chicken rendang, nasi goreng, ayam masak merah, and of course Kari Ayam – Malaysian chicken curry and ikan bakar!

Are these recipes easy?

For the most part yes. Authenticity was important to me while developing these and other Asian recipes. You are going to learn to make them exactly as I learned to make them while researching. Most of these recipes can be cooked in one pot, pan or on the barbecue.

What’s next?

Watch this space as many new Malaysian recipes are added regularly. You will find them all here on the blog soon. Oh and one last thing… if you love spicy food, be sure to try Malaysian sambal oelek. It’s a spicy hot sauce that can be added to any cuisine when you want to add a bit of heat.

By the way, Indonesia and Malaysia share a lot of recipes but put their own touch on them. Head on over to my Indonesian recipes section for even more deliciousness.