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Looking for recipes for the top 10 Indian side dishes? Here they are!

I get asked all the time for Indian side dishes that are easy to make. These popular Indian sides will take a standard Indian meal and transform it into a feast.

In this section I share links to all the favourites. From crispy and delicious onion bhajis to the fluffiest Basmati rice. You will find the recipes for these Indian sides here.

No Indian meal is complete without delicious hot naans or amazing meat or vegetable samosas.

The good news is these side dishes are so easy to make. I have made them many times and each Indian side dish recipe features step by step photographs.

I chose to feature these sides because they are the most visited and used side dish recipes on my site. Many have been on the site since I first started writing my food blog.

Want to make poppadoms to start your meal? No problem! You can use the easy method using shop bought papads or make your own. Those homemade poppadoms are to die for!

If you don’t find the Indian side dishes you are looking for on this page, you will probably find them somewhere else on the site. This is just a list of the most popular.