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The Curry Guy Cookbook

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Curry Guy Cookbook

Curry Guy Cookbook is available on Amazon and all good book shops.

Since I started writing my blog back in 2010, it has been the British Indian restaurant (BIR) recipes that have been the most popular. In The Curry Guy cookbook, my first printed book, I walk you through how to make the most popular curry house starter dishes, classic British curries, tandoori recipes and side dishes.

From mild chicken tikka masala and korma to fiery hot Madras and vindaloo, the recipes are all in The Curry Guy Cookbook.

I also show you how to substitute different ingredients so that you can make the perfect curry for your taste. Most of the meat recipes can easily be made vegetarian!

Prawn curry

I do love prawn curries!

Instructions are given so that you can easily make the curry of your choice. Don’t want chicken tikka masala but would love to make a lamb tikka masala instead? This cookbook offers the information you need to do that with perfect results every time. Following is a list of the recipes you will be able to make from the book:

Garam Masala
Chaat Masala
Tandoori Masala
Tandoori Paste
Kashmiri Paste
Madras Curry Powder
Panch Poran
Cumin & Coriander Powder
Mixed Powder (This is a secret ingredient that gets truly authentic results)

Spice Stock
Garlic and Ginger Paste
Green Chilli Paste
Tomato Purée
Raw Cashew Paste
Fried Onions and Onion Paste

Large Batch of Base Curry Sauce
Small Batch of Base Curry Sauce

Pre-cooked Stewed Meat
Pre-cooked Stewed Chicken
Pre-cooked Lamb Keema
Pre-cooked Stewed Potatoes
Fried Paneer
Stir-fried Onions and other Veggies

Bora & Podina
Meat Samosas
Vegetable Samosas
Crab Samosas
Onion Bhajis
Potato Koftas
Prawn Butterfly
Chicken Pakora
Tandoori Chicken Legs
Kashmiri Lamb Cutlets
Lamb Shami Kebabs

Authentic Indian rogan josh and British curry house rogan josh are quite different. I love the curry house version.

Lamb Nihari from The Curry Guy Cookbook

I learned this lamb nihari recipe at Imran’s in Birmingham. I love this recipe!

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Korma
Chicken Ceylon
Chicken Dopiaza
Chicken Chasni
Chicken Pathia
Chicken Chilli Garlic
Chicken Pasanda
Chicken Dhansak
Chicken Jalfrezi
Lamb Keema
Lamb Saag
Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb Bhuna
Lamb Madras
Lamb Vindaloo
Chicken Balti
Lamb Karahi

Tandoori Broccoli, Cauliflower and Onion
Nargisi Kofta
Tandoori Chicken Tikka
Tandoori Murgh Malai Tikka
Chicken Soola Kebabs
Lamb Seekh Kebabs
Tandoori Lobster
Tandoori King Prawns
Tandoori Whole Fish
Tandoori Salmon
Paneer Shashlik
Tandoori Paneer Chukandari

Vegetable Bhaji
Aloo Gobi
Bindi Masala
Saag Aloo
Muttar Paneer
Bombay Aloo
Tarka Dhal
Channa Dhal

Moti Murgh Malai
Kacchi Lamb Biryani
Lamb Nihari
Sylheti Beef
Lamb Kofta & Chickpea Curry
Grilled Lamb Chops
Butter Chicken
Kolkata Prawns
Ana Chingri

Sho-coo-tee curry

This sho-coo-tee curry is a Bangladeshi version of the popular Goan xacuti. It’s one of my favourites.

Lime Pickle
Kachumber Salad
Kashmiri Red Chilli and Garlic Chutney
Cold Onion Chutney
Red Onion Chutney
Mint, Coriander & Mango Chutney
Mango Chutney
Tamarind Chutney
Cucumber Raita
Chickpea, Carrot & Garlic Pickle
Takeaway Style Pakora Sauce
Coriander, Garlic and Chilli Raita
Tomato, Onion & Chilli Chutney
Honey Mustard Raita
Mint Chutney

Plain Naans
Peshawari Naans
Keema Naans
Steamed Rice
Boiled Rice
Coloured Rice
Pilau Rice
Fried Rice

Lamb Bhuna

On shoot day, this lamb bhuna was a real hit. It’s a classic curry house recipe.

Lamb Madras

Spicy lamb madras! If you like spice curries, you’ve got to try this one.

Chicken jalfrezi from the curry guy cookbook

One of my all time favourites… Chicken jalfrezi done the curry house way.

Chicken jalfrezi from The Curry Guy Cookbook

I could eat this one all over again. Chicken dopiaza. A true classic.

Here are more curry house curry favourites you might like to try!

Chicken Korma
Chicken Madras
Chicken Dhansak
Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb Vindaloo
Chicken Chilli Garlic
Chicken Patia

The Curry Guy Cookbook

In the summer months, I must make this sea bream recipe once a week. It’s that good.

Lamb saag curry from The Curry Guy Cookbook

Wait until you try this curry house style saag!

I have put my all into ‘The Curry Guy’ cookbook! I knew what to feature in it because of all the great and much appreciated comments on my blog. It has been a lot of fun working with my new friends at Quadrille Publishing.

They have put together a cookbook that I am over the moon with and I hope you enjoy it too. As many of you know, I am always on Twitter and Facebook and will be around to answer any recipes questions you might have.

Thank you very much.

All the best,

If you like curry house style curries without all the calories, please check out my cookbook ‘The Curry Guy Light‘.

Thomas Greatbatch

Thursday 16th of July 2020

Hi Dan,

I bought your book a few years back after hearing you on radio 2, although i found the recipes all quite daunting but am just about to batch cook and decided to give it a go. Can I just check your recipes for base curry sauce as for the small batch (for 8 to 10 servings) states 75ml rapeseed oil, but the large batch states (for 22 to 24) states 750ml. Is this a typo as seems to 10x the rapeseed oil for 2.5x the number of servings?

The carrots seems to have a similar ratio but almost all the other ingredients are 2.5x?

Thanks Tom

Dan Toombs

Tuesday 21st of July 2020

Hi Thomas Yes, the recipe is correct but thanks for checking. The large base sauce recipe allows for oil to form on the top which a lot of people like to use for adding layers of flavour to their curries after they skim it off and save it. Please feel free to reduce the oil if you think it is too much as it is all about personal preference. Thanks very much. Dan

Daniel Sowerby

Friday 8th of March 2019

Hi Sir, I just bought your two books - the first and second book on your website and it says for a personalised message, is there a charge for this? Just any inspiring message, or what Indian cuisine means to you and what got you started on this adventure, or anything you think of as a message? All the best, Dan Sowerby

Dan Toombs

Monday 11th of March 2019

Hi Daniel

Thank you very much for purchasing my books. They both went out today. I signed both and wrote a note in one. I didn't see this message until they went out. Sorry. I hope you enjoy the books. Please let me know if you have any recipe questions. I'm always happy to help. Dan

Roy appadoo

Tuesday 25th of September 2018

Hi Dan I have always tried to chase the ultimate restaurant taste of lamb Karhai by websearch and experimenting. I must wholeheartedly say your recipe came the closest. I must admit I added Turmeric powder to it. It was gastrosmic.

Dan Toombs

Thursday 27th of September 2018

Great to hear Roy!

Thank you, Dan


Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

I have been looking for a decent curry base sauce and yours was the first time I managed to create the taste I was after - and I've done the saag one too. Really good, so have bought your book via kindle and just wanted to say thanks!

Dan Toombs

Monday 14th of January 2019

Hi Kate

Thank you very much. Great to hear and much appreciated.


Paul Arwar

Monday 7th of May 2018

Hi Dan, Love your recipes obviously not tried them all but I have never been disappointed with any I have cooked! Immediately purchased your first book and amazon is delivering your second as I write. I understand you are contemplating a third book for next year? Yes? A vegetarian cook book - is this true? I have newly become a vegetarian with my wife so I would love to see this book in print really - don't let us down! Keep the BIR recipes coming! Rgds Paul

Dan Toombs

Tuesday 8th of May 2018

Thank you very much Paul. The new veggie book will be based on recipes dishes I've tried and learned here in the UK but they are really authentic. Although I tried most of them here first, I had them in India too. I'm not vegetarian but I love every recipe going into that book! Hope you do too.

Thank you very much. Dan

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