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New Neer Dosa Recipe

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Neer Dosa

A really good alternative to plain white rice. Try this neer dosa recipe!

Neer dosas take some time to get right. A lot depends on your pan and I do advise you to use a good non-stick pan.

The more you make neer dosas, however, the better you’ll get. The good news is, you really can’t go that wrong.

Even if they don’t look perfect, they’ll still taste the same. Just use this neer dosa recipe and go for it.

These dosas are an excellent alternative to white rice. That’s essentially what they are after all. Dip them in your curries or just eat them like bread with a little butter.

Cooking tip for practice.

While you’re practicing, I recommend soaking a few cups of rice rather than just the one in the recipe. Depending on your hob and pan, you might find you need a little less or more water.

Have fun practicing and don’t get frustrated. You can always snack on those that don’t turn out perfectly.

Making neer dosa

Blend the soaked rice until smooth.

Making neer dosa

Place the rice paste in a mixing bowl and stir in the water until you have a smooth milk-like batter.

Making neer dosa

Heat a non-stick pan over low heat and drizzle the batter in, tilting your pan until you have a thin layer of batter.

Neer dosa

Cover the pan to help cook the top. After 30 seconds, the dosa should be finished and ready to fold.

Once you’ve made your neer dosas, try them with one of these curries.

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Yield: 4 - 6

New Neer Dosa Recipe

New Neer Dosa Recipe
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 1 cup Basmati rice soaked overnight.
  • 200ml water
  • ½ teaspoon salt


  1. Sieve your rice and then blend in a blender or spice grinder until you have a smooth paste. Mix this paste with the water. It should be about the same consistency as milk. If it is too thin, the dosas will stick to the pan.
  2. Heat your frying pan over medium high heat. When hot, take a ladle of the batter and splatter it into the pan, starting with the edges and then into the centre. You want the dosas to be as thin as possible so only use enough batter thinly cover the surface of the pan.
  3. Cover the pan and count to 30. That’s all the time it takes as long as your batter is thin enough. Lift the lid. If it still looks raw on top, cover it and cook a little longer. These are bright white dosas so try not to brown them. If you do, oh well!
  4. Using a spatula, carefully fold the dosa in half into a half circle. The fold it over again to make a neat little triangle and transfer to a plate.
  5. Repeat with the remaining batter.

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Elizabeth Anne Smith-Dane

Friday 1st of February 2019

I ate loads of dosas when I was in South India. I love them! Great recipe.

Dan Toombs

Tuesday 26th of February 2019

Great to hear Elizabeth! Thank you. I love dosas.


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