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Chorizo Dosa

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This is a great dosa recipe for meat eaters! Most dosa recipes cater for vegetarians as Indian dosas work great as vegetarian food but this recipe is really good for those that enjoy their meat!

Chorizo dosa

Just wait until you bite into one of these meat dosas! So good.


Almost anything is good in a dosa. I have even spread them with Italian and Mexican sauces and I’ve never been let down once. One of my son’s favourites is this Chorizo and Paneer dosa. For that matter, I love it too!

You need to pick up chorizo mince from your butcher. The harder version doesn’t work quite as well. I will be sharing my own homemade chorizo recipe on the blog soon which I hope you try.

I have noticed that many of the farm shops sell soft chorizo that tastes great so that would work really well in my meat dosa recipe. 

If you are pushed for time, you could use a shop bought tomato chutney or even a good bolognese sauce for the base. Here I used my tomato, onion and chilli chutney which was a real hit. If you have any left over, you can dip the cooked dosas in it for even more amazing flavour.

Make the recipe your own:

I love chorizo but if you don’t try frying a few of your favorite sausages and cutting them thinly to add to the dosas instead of chorizo. You could then just ad a tomato chutney and your favourite cheese. I use paneer but there is no reason why you have to use paneer. 

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Making chorizo dosas

Pour the batter into the centre of your pan.

Making chorizo dosas

Spread it out in a circular motion with a ladle or the flat bottom of a cup.

Making chorizo dosas

Add the tomato chutney and spread it all around followed by the cooked chorizo.

Making chorizo dosas

Fold the dosa up and dig in!

Chorizo & Paneer Dosa

Chorizo & Paneer Dosa
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes



  1. Heat your pan over medium heat. If using a temperature controlled pan, 180c should do the job. If not, your pan is ready when a few drops of water evaporate immediately on contact.
  2. Spread about one half teaspoon of oil over the top with the half onion.
  3. When your pan is up to heat, pour about 200ml (3/4 cup) of batter in the centre. Use the back of a ladle or a flat bottomed cup to spread the batter outward in a circular motion until you have a thin dosa.
  4. While the dosa is cooking, spread a little tomato, onion and chilli chutney over the top, followed by the cooked chorizo.
  5. When the sides of the dosa begin to lift, sprinkle a little oil around the circumference of the dosa. This will make the edges nice and crispy.
  6. When the bottom of the dosa is nicely browned, fold it into a tube shape or simply fold it in half to serve. Serve with a little more chutney if you like.

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Monday 12th of November 2018

Delicious, I modified it a little to use what I had available to me, and I used a korean red pepper paste to make the chutney and made my own tofu chorizo and plus added some cheese to make it cheesy , great recipe!

Dan Toombs

Thursday 29th of November 2018

Great to hear Stephanie. Thank you.


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