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Chaats are amazing. Try one of these Indian chaat recipes and you will be in food heaven! The great news is, they are all so different and colourful.

Whether you prepare just one chaat or a selection of delicious chaats, you will love the end result.

What is chaat?

Put simply, these are Indian  snack food.

Some of the most popular Indian snacks are vegetarian and call for things such as potato, veggie samosas, spinach and tomatoes. There are also many meat chaats to try.

Where do I start?

You could make just one of these healthy snacks but I recommend trying a few. These light bites are usually served with a selection of coriander (cilantro) sauce, tamarind sauce and yoghurt sauce.

Choose a recipe and cover it with those amazing sauces and do the same with one or two more. Once you get the hang of making simple appetisers, you will love the delicious snacks you can serve to family and friends.

Working ahead

You will find that many of the Indian snack recipes call for ingredients that can either be purchased or homemade. Dry ingredients such as papdi for example and also homemade samosas.

These are all things you can prepare ahead of time so that assembling the actual chaat recipes only takes a few minutes.

I hope you enjoy these authentic chaat. Be sure to bookmark this page as you will find many more soon. This page is a work in progress! You will love trying them all. I promise!