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Looking for Indian curry house recipes? I have you covered!

Finding delicious Indian recipes isn’t a problem. There are many books on the subject but Indian curry house recipes just weren’t out there when I started my blog in 2010. In my first book ‘The Curry Guy’. published 2017 by Quadrille Publishing, I started sharing the recipes I had learned.

Versions of the curry house recipes from that book and my others are all found here on my blog.

The Curry House Secret

I started researching for my book back in 2010 which is when this curry blog started. Here you will find the secrets to making the best curry house style recipes. Each was learned at the many curry houses dotted around the UK.

The Indian curry house recipes work because they are made just like they are at Indian restaurants. From the essential base curry sauce to the most popular curries such as chicken tikka masala, chicken Madras and lamb vindaloo, you will find all the curry house recipes here!

These are BIR (British Indian restaurant) recipes.

On this blog you will find both authentic Indian recipes and BIR recipes which are like those you find at curry houses. If you want to make an Indian curry house style curry, you are most definitely in the right place.

In addition to these curry house recipes, you might like to make a few sides or starters. You will find them here too. Try one or all of these Indian bread recipes. Like samosas? How about dal or tandoori or even homemade poppadoms? You’ll find them all on this blog.

No-Base Indian curry house curries

At Indian restaurants they use a base sauce to prepare their curries. It’s quite easy to prepare but if you would like to make these curries without the need for a base sauce, try these curry house style one pan curries that require no base sauce.