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15 One Pan Indian Restaurant Curry Recipes

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These one pan Indian restaurant curry recipes get restaurant quality results!

One of the questions I get asked most is whether you can recreate curry house style curries without base sauce. Good question and it’s one I’ve been working on lately. Each of the following one pan Indian restaurant curry recipes can be made without a base curry sauce and they taste just like those you find at the best curry houses! You will also find links to popular side dishes to make your delicious curry into a feast.

One pan curries

Want to make your one pan curry into a feast?

If you’d like to make your curry into a feast, you’ve come to the right place. You could just go for a side of Basmati rice or another popular rice side dish.

If you’d like to make naans or chapatis, why not try one of these?  

You might also like to serve this with a good and easy tarka dal or slowly simmered dal makhani.

Other popular side dishes include fried onion bhajis and homemade samosas. If you’d like, you might also like to try my baked onion bhajis or air-fryer onion bhajis.

Want to start your curry feast meal off right? How about fried shop bought poppadoms or if you’re feeling ambitious, make your own poppadoms from scratch and serve them with coriander chutney, red onion chutney, and/or tamarind chutney.

One Pan Indian Restaurant Curry Recipes

You are going to love making these one pan Indian restaurant style curries that taste just as good if not better than you find at the best curry houses. What's more... No base curry sauce is needed!

Make these one pan Indian curry recipes your own…

All of the recipe above have been developed so that you can adjust them to your own dietary requirements and personal taste.

You can substitute the protein of your choice. So the one pan chicken jalfrezi could easily become a one pan paneer jalfrezi just by adding paneer instead of chicken.

You can also adjust the spicing and I highly recommend you do. If you like mild curries, why not try the chicken vindaloo but with fewer chillies or no chilli powder? These one pan Indian curry recipes are in your hands so make them how you want to eat them. 

Will there be more one pan Indian restaurant curry recipes added to this list?

You bet! I will be adding many more. So if you have one you would like to see featured on this page, just let me know in the comments. 

What is the difference between these recipes and the curry house versions?

You shouldn’t taste any difference at all. If anything, you might find these better as you have more control over the final flavour.

At curry houses, the chefs use a prepared base curry sauce for all of their recipes from the mildest korma to the spiciest phaal. 

With these one pan recipes you can adjust the sauce simply by browning the onions longer or shorter. This is great when you want a rich tasing Madras or rogan josh. 

Feel free to alter the recipes as you see fit. If it sounds good, do it. By adjusting the instructions to your personal preferences, your one pan Indian restaurant curry will most likely be amazing.

One last thing about these one pan Indian restaurant curry recipes…

If you try any of the one pan Indian curry recipes on this page, please get in touch. These recipes will feature in the next cookbook I’m writing. Your feedback would be very much appreciated before all goes to print.

Des Ward

Wednesday 5th of April 2023

Hi, where do you get your frozen curry leaves, dried leaves lack all flavor? Regards. Des. I am based in the UK

Dan Toombs

Friday 7th of April 2023

Most Asian shops sell them fresh and you’re right don’t bother with the dry ones. Thanks Dan

sean bell

Thursday 13th of October 2022

Amazing recipes

Dan Toombs

Friday 21st of October 2022

Thank you very much, great to hear! Dan


Saturday 8th of October 2022

These one pot curries look great when you don’t have a base sauce. Will it work as well using frozen prepared meat - I find the meat preparation makes the dish take longer and more hassle to cook, so was thinking of preparing a batch of chicken and freezing in meal size portions - that way there’s no excuse for not knocking up a curry for dinner.

Dan Toombs

Thursday 13th of October 2022

Yes, I think that would be fine for convenience. Thanks Dan

Sue Walters

Monday 15th of August 2022

Hi Dan. I’m really looking forward to trying your One Pan dishes. Do you have one for lamb keema, I’m really fancying that at the moment. I’m awaiting repair to a broken tooth so I thought this would be easy to eat without too much chewing. Best wishes, Sue

Dan Toombs

Monday 15th of August 2022

I am hoping to do a lamb keema from scratch next week. Thanks Dan

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