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Scroll down to find some of the best chicken tikka recipes on the planet!

Here you will find tried and tested chicken tikka recipes that you can easily prepare at home. You will get restaurant quality results. These recipes were taught to me by amazing chefs in India and at popular curry houses around the UK.

How do you serve chicken tikka?

These recipes can all be served on their own or with a good chutney or raita and a plate of deliciously flavoured rice. You might also like to serve your chicken tikka wrapped in a homemade naan or chapati. Serving your own char grilled chicken tikka is the perfect way to start off a curry meal but that’s not all!

How do you use chicken tikka in curries?

If you like curry house style curries these tikka recipes will all come in handy. At curry houses, the chicken tikka is first cooked and then added to the curries. This adds another delicious layer of flavour. You will find all the most popular curry house curry recipes here and your homemade chicken tikka will go fantastically well in all of them.

What curries do you recommend with these chicken tikka?

You can’t go wrong with a good curry house style chicken tikka masala. This curry needs to have char-grilled chicken tikka to taste like it does at restaurants. For a chicken tikka masala, you should try this chicken tikka recipe first as it is what is used at most curry houses but all of these recipes will work amazingly well.