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You might have found this Balti recipes page because, like me, you think these famous curries are the best amongst all of Indian food.

Baltis are relatively easily to cook with simple  ingredients and I always find Balti recipes fun to make.

What goes into Balti recipes?

Any meat or fish can be used so they are a great dish for leftovers and Indian Baltis can feed a lot of people fairly inexpensively.

I use a reall Balti pan for my Balti recipes and I have quite a few so everyone can have their own from which to enjoy their own individual Balti.

Each person can add their own ingredients and spices to their own Balti pan so this makes cooking Baltis great fun and can even get the children involved in the cooking.

If you don’t want to  invest in Balti pans you can always just use a large wok like pan to make one huge Balti to feed everyone.

What is Balti?

These are curries that were actually developed in Britain. The idea behind the curry is to cook and serve it in the same stainless steal pan it was cooked in.

The curry comes to the tables flaming hot. You will notice that authentic Balti recipes use very little liquid.

The reason for this is simple. The curry needs to be thick so that it can be mopped up with homemade naans. No cutlery required!