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Banana and Kiwi Smoothie

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Make this banana and kiwi smoothie in minutes!

This is a lassie version of banana and kiwi smoothie that you’ve simply got to try. It’s so easy to prepare and good any time of day.


Kiwi, Banana, Turmeric & Vanilla lassi

I’ll be making this again often.

What is the difference between a banana and kiwi smoothie and this fruit lassie?

Where smoothies can be prepared with a lot of different liquids such as cream, milk and even ice cream, lassies are usually just prepared with yoghurt and perhaps some ice.

Other than that, this banana and kiwi smoothie is like any other smoothie but it’s the lassie influence that makes it healthier for you. If you really want to treat yourself one morning with a healthy shake that tastes great, I recommend giving this one a go.

When do you serve with this fruit smoothie?

You might think of smoothies as something to have for breakfast or a lunch time snack. Good idea. That said, lassies are served any time of day. They are hugely popular at Indian restaurants. 

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Make this banana and kiwi lassie your own

When making a fruit smoothie (lassie) like this, there are so many things you can do to make it perfect for your personal taste preferences. Go ahead and add other fruits. I used a lot of ice but this banana and kiwi smoothie does not have to be freezing cold. Lassies are often serve so. 

You really are free to experiments. Use this banana and kiwi lassie recipe as a guide and go to it with your own ideas. 

Kiwi, Banana, Turmeric & Vanilla Lassi

This lassi can be made in about two minutes.

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Yield: 1

Kiwi, Banana, Turmeric & Vanilla Lassi

Kiwi, Banana, Turmeric & Vanilla Lassi
Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes


  • 2 kiwis
  • 1 banana
  • 250ml ( 1 cup ) plain yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • Beans from half of a vanilla pod (or a drop or two of vanilla extract)
  • A handful of ice.


  1. Place all of the ingredients in your blender and blend for about one minute.
  2. That's it... You done.

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I hope you enjoy this banana and kiwi smoothie recipe. Lassies are great so if you do try it, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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