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Paneer Dosa

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Paneer Dosa

Tomato, garlic and chilli chutney

Served with some of the sauce.

Watch me make this dosa. It’s easy to make and a lot of fun too.

I love dosas! I’ve been making them for years in a little crepe pan I have but recently I’ve been making them on a larger crepe machine. This makes them look a lot more like the fancy dosas you get when you go out.

I can highly recommend getting one if you get the dosa making bug.

For this paneer dosa recipe, I will give you the instructions for the smaller dosas you can make in a smaller pan. If you are using a larger crepe cooker, just add more batter and toppings.

Dosas Take Practice to get right.

One thing that took a bit of experimentation was getting the heat of the pan just right. If it is too hot, your batter will clump up and if not hot enough, you will fail to get nicely browned crispy dosas.

If you have a crepe cooker or something similar where you can set the heat, aim for 180c. That is the perfect temperature. That or throw a few drops of water onto your pan.

When the water dries up quickly when it hits the pan and releases steam, you’re ready to go.

There are many kinds of dosas and fillings

This tomato, paneer and onion version uses a traditional dosa batter.

It is just the first of a series of dosa recipes I’ll be posting. Dosa making can be difficult to master but once you get it down, you’ll be in dosa heaven.

As always, I’m more than happy to help you if you have any questions.

You will need to first make a dosa batter as I do here. Be warned, it takes 36 hours to make and ferment before you can use it.

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Tomato, paneer & onion Dosas

Making vegetable dosas

Spread the batter as thinly as possible.

Making vegetable dosas

Spread the sauce all over the surface with a knob of butter (optional but delicious).

Making vegetable dosas

Add the rest of the ingredients and continue cooking until crisp and browned on the bottom.

Vegetable dosa

Simply roll it up as you like to serve. Be sure to serve immediately.

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Yield: 8

Tomato, Paneer & Onion Dosa

Tomato, Paneer & Onion Dosa
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes



  1. Heat your pan until it hits 180c or until drops of water dry up immediately when flicked into the pan. If this is your first time, a non-stick pan is a good idea.
  2. Add about 1/4 teaspoon oil to the pan and spread it thinly to coat the pan with the half onion.
  3. Pour about 200ml (3/4 cup) of the batter into the centre and then spread it out into a thin layer using the bottom of a flat cup or a ladle in a circular motion. Think about drawing a spiral with the cup or ladle with small circles in the centre and becoming increasingly bigger.
  4. Once you have your flat dosa cooking, spread some tomato, onion and chilli chutney all over the surface. It will begin to look a lot like a pizza.
  5. Sprinkle with some grated paneer, the chopped red onion and coriander.
  6. When the sides are beginning to come free from the surface, drizzle the sides with a tiny bit of oil. This will make them more crispy.
  7. Your dosa is ready when the bottom is light brown. Roll it up and serve.

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Wednesday 8th of March 2017

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Thursday 9th of March 2017

Thank you very much Linda! I hope you enjoy the book. You know where I am if you have any recipe questions. :-)


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