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Indian vegetarian sides dishes are a must to accompany a lot of the meaty curries found on my web site and in the best Indian restaurants.

There are many vegetables such as okra that are maybe unfamilar to western palates but this type of dish is very popular in India and lends itself very well to mixing with strong spices such as chilli and corriander. So go ahead and experiment with more exotic vegetables that can be found at your local Asian market.

I also love stuffed large chillies which is one of the many Indian vegetarian sides dishes that add colour and variety to a chicken or lamb curry meal.

I also need to mention that tomato based dips are chutneys, referred to as salsas in Mexican cooking work great too as side dishes. These sort of sauces can be used to dip naans or chapatis in or just to add on the side of your curry main dish.