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There are so many delicious chicken curry recipes out there. In this section you will my tried and tested chicken curries. Many of these chicken curries have made their way into my cookbooks.

I test my recipes on my blog to ensure they are perfect before going to print. Whether it is curry house recipes you’re looking for such as chicken tikka masala, chicken korma or naga chicken or more authentic chicken recipes, you will find the recipe here.

I have many authentic chicken recipes that are perfect for the home cook. Butter chicken, Chennai Chicken and Cumin (jeera) chicken curry for example. If you don’t find the chicken curry you’re looking for here, let me know. I’ll put it on my list of chicken curries to make.

I have spent many years learning from some of the best curry chefs around. They have shown me their amazing recipes and they are here for you to try too.

Getting chicken curry right isn’t just about the ingredients used. Follow my recipes and you will learn the cooking techniques needed to make your curries perfect every time.

My chicken curry recipes should be used as guides. Feel free to adapt them to your own taste preferences. Tasting as you go will help ensure my curries are the perfect curries for you. They will become your chicken curry recipes!