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You can easily find the chicken recipes you’re looking for here.

I have spent many years collecting recipe ideas for chicken from around the world. What started as an Indian food blog is now a place you can come to find many other spicy chicken dishes.

From Indian chicken curry recipes to Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese and more, you will find links to the cuisine you want to make and I am adding to these recipes weekly.

About these recipes

Whether you are looking for a good curry or perhaps a something you can cook in your oven or barbecue, you are almost certain to find what you’re looking for here.

If you don’t, chances are I have a recipe for what you’re looking for and just haven’t got it on the blog yet.

So if you have any recipe requests for chicken or otherwise, please ask. I take requests and will get that recipe on here!

What do you serve with these recipes?

That really depends on the cuisine but you are probably quite safe with a good rice side. You might also like to try naans or chapatis.