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I love all seafood and especially enjoy Indian seafood recipes. The herbs and spices grown in India work amazingly well with seafood as the seafood used in my Indian fish recipes are easy to get hold of in the sumptuous Indian ocean.

I find that most seafood can be ordered from my local fishmonger given a few days notice.  The type of crab, for instance may vary a bit from that found in the seas off India but North Sea crabs can be used just as readily in my Indian seafood recipes.

There are many type of chunky, white fish available in the sub-continent but again white fish in plentiful in the North Sea so never worry about substituting a seafood for one that you can get hold of more easily.

It is always important not to overcook fish so be sure to cook the sauce with the  herbs and spices through before adding the fish as the fish would quickly ruin if over cooked.