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Scroll down for delicious Indian vegetarian recipes.

The following Indian vegetarian recipes were all learned, travelling around India and visiting Indian restaurant in the UK. You are going to get to try these vegetarian curries, rice,  dosas and other  side dishes just like they are served at the best Indian restaurants and food stalls.

What will you find on this page?

In this section you will find some of the most popular Indian vegetarian recipes. From delicious creamy dals to vegetarian curries like black eyed pea curry, broccoli curry and black chickpea curry and rajma, will find them all here and I’m adding to this page weekly. So be sure to bookmark this page for many more vegetarian recipes.

Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? You are going to love this onion bhaji curry and this Punjabi chole is to die for!

If you are thinking about making a few vegetarian recipes and want a good naan or chapati to serve with your veggie feast, I have you covered! Try these Indian bread recipes and you won’t be disappointed. And these Indian rice recipes make the perfect side dish too.

Making meat recipes vegetarian…

There are many Indian recipes on my blog and many include meat. You can easily substitute vegetables for the meat and make these curries 100% vegetarian.

Small things such as using onion bhajis or paneer in a curry instead of meat will get you amazing tasting curries without the meat.

I’d love your input…

Do you have any Indian vegetarian recipes you’d like to try that you don’t see in this section? If so, let me know. I’ve probably got them. They just aren’t on the blog yet. I happily take requests.