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Lamb curry recipes are some of the most loved dishes in Indian cuisine.

In this section you will find all of the most popular lamb curry recipes around.

From authentic saucy lamb and mutton stews to BIR (British Indian Restaurant) Indian lamb dishes, you are sure to find what you’re looking for here.

What’s more, this Indian lamb recipe page is updated regularly. Not just with Indian delights but with curries from around the world.

If you like easy, we have that here for you too!

Indian lamb recipes are a lot easier to make than most people think and these recipes are proof of that.

Yes there are often a lot of ingredients but the actual cooking is easy and the food delicious.

I hope you enjoy making the famous recipes in this section.

Planning ahead…

To get Indian lamb recipes, you need to do a little forward planning. Following is a bit of advice to help you do just that.

Look at the ingredients you will need to make the lamb curry recipes you want to cook. It helps to get a list together before going out and shopping for spices and other key ingredients.

Make your curry the day before. Lamb curries actually get better after the flavours have had a chance to develop. This is especially so if you are planning a curry feast. Make your delicious lamb curry the day before and then all you need to do is heat it up.

Red meat like mutton and lamb need to cook a good long time. Never rush this. Your curry is ready when it’s ready. Make sure the meat is good and tender. The longer cooking time will also help flavour your sauce.

So are you ready to get started. I hope you enjoy this section of delicious lamb curry recipes.