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Cheesy Grilled Lamb Seekh Kebabs

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Delicious grileed lamb seekh kebabs, battered and fried!

If you like cheese and kebabs, you’re going to love this one!

You can use any cheese you like to fill these delicious grilled seekh kebabs. Most common is processed yellow cheese but you and fill them with stilton, chilli Cheddar, anything really.

It is essential that you have large skewers to make these as shown but if you don’t, go ahead and just add cheese to the lamb kebab mix and it will still be very good.

grilled lamb seekh kebabs

Perfect as a starter or served with naan or chapattis as a main

How to serve these grilled lamb seekh kebabs…

Really, that’s up to you. I like to cut them up and serve them as a starter.

They are sure to impress. You could also serve them longer as a main, wrapped up in a naan or chapatti with lots of salad veg and a few sauces.

Working ahead…

The minced lamb kebab meat can be prepared a couple of days in advance of cooking. 

If you want to limit the amount of work you do on the day of cooking, you could also grill the lamb seekh kebabs and fill them with the cheese of your choice.

Store covered in the fridge and then batter them up and fry just before serving.

Do I have to use lamb mince?

No. Any minced kebab meat will work here. Try this recipe with chicken seekh kebab mince for example. 

You could use the lamb seekh kebab recipe and substitute venison, beef, buffalo or pork. Just be sure that there is plenty of fat in the meat mixture so that the kebabs stay on the skewer and are really juicy. 

Step by step photos…

Kebabs cooking over coals.

After you have skewered the kebabs, grill them over hot coals for about 10 minutes or until cooked through.

Grilling kebabs

Notice the thickness of my skewers. You want something similar but you could just mix the cheese into the seekh kebab mixture if you don’t.

skewer hole in seekh kebab

Remove the cooked seekh kebabs from the skewer and fill the centre hole with cheese.

Filling seekh kebabs with cheese.

If using a soft, processed cheese, you might need to use the skewer to stuff it in the hole. Harder cheeses can be cut to size.

Batter ingredients

Mix your batter ingredients together until smooth and thick.

Frying kebabs

Dip the kebabs in the batter and fry in hot oil until lightly browned can heated through.

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grilled lamb seekh kebabs

So good!

grilled lamb seekh kebabs

Dig in!

Yield: 6

Cheesy Grilled Lamb Seekh Kebabs

grilled lamb seekh kebabs
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour


  • 1 x lamb seekh kebab meat
  • 150g (5.25 oz) approx. cheese of choice
  • 75g (5 tbsp) plain (all-purpose) flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 75g (5 tbsp) cornflour
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp garlic and ginger paste
  • 300ml (1 ½ cups) water


  1. Form the lamb seekh kebabs around your skewers. I give detailed instructions on how to do this in my lamb seekh kebab recipe.
  2. Once formed on the skewers, give them a shake to ensure the meat is secure and won’t fall off. Place the skewers directly over the coals and cook for about 5 minutes until the underside is browned.
  3. Rotate to cook the other side and continue rotating until nicely charred all round.
  4. Remove the seekh kebabs from the skewers and then fill the holes with the cheese. You might need to help it through if using processed cheese with a skewer. When using other varieties, I simply cut slices of cheese that are the same size in thickness as the skewer hole and slide them in.
  5. Now make the batter by whisking all of the ingredients together until you have a smooth, thick paste. Place a pan filled about half way full with rapeseed (canola) oil and bring up to 170c/338f or there abouts. If you don’t have an oil thermometer, the oil is hot enough when a small bit of the batter is added to it and sizzles to the top immediately.
  6. Dip the filled seekh kebabs in the batter and lower them slowly into the oil. Fry for a couple of minutes or until starting to turn a golden brown. Serve immediately while the cheese inside is still hot with your favourite raita or chilli sauce.

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