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BIR curry sauce recipes that can be made in minutes!

If you love the curries you get at the best curry houses, then why not try making them yourself. Try the BIR curry sauce recipes in this section and you will love the delicious results!

What is BIR?

BIR stands for British Indian restaurant curries. There is a difference! If you enjoy getting a tikka masala, korma, madras or vindaloo (just to name a few) then this page is for you.

How do these BIR curry sauce recipes differ to authentic Indian recipes?

BIR recipes were developed with flavour, economy and speed in mind. These curry sauces have become famous of many years. When people go out for a curry, these are the dishes they look for.

Once the preparation work is done, you can make these curry sauce recipes in minutes.

BIR curry sauce recipes wouldn’t be the same without the smooth base sauce or gravy which is used to make them. Make that and perhaps some pre-cooked meat and you can recreate your favourite curries at home, in minutes, whenever you want them.

Can I vary these recipes?

Yes! Taste them as you go. Feel free not only to use the main ingredient of your choice in them but also to vary the spices. Make your mild korma spicy with added fresh chillies. Cook up a not so spicy vindaloo by reducing the amount to chillies and/or chilli powder.

Can I freeze these sauces?

Yes! Make them and freeze them or eat them right away. They all freeze really well and are a lot cheaper than they are at the curry house or purchased at the supermarket.

I hope you enjoy these BIR curry sauce recipes. Have fun and enjoy!