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SousVide Supreme Slow Cooked Chicken Breasts

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The SousVide Supreme Cooks Chicken breast to perfection

SousVide Supreme Chicken

SousVide Supreme Chicken

This isn’t so much of a recipe as it is information about cooking with the SousVide Supreme. This machine has made cooking curries and for that matter other recipes easier and also better.

I have honestly cooked whole rumps of rose veal with the SousVide Supreme. I love my meat rare. The SousVide Supreme has made it possible for me to cook large roasts perfectly rare though the centre so all I have to do is sear the outside before serving.

The other day I decided to try it out with a few chicken breast. You may have seen my Indian inspired Ceasar salad recipe I posted a while back. Well, I decided to serve it with SousVide chicken breast and it was so good.

The chicken breasts are first vacuum packed using the SousVide Supreme vacuum sealer. Then dropped into the SousVide Soupreme water at 63c.

SousVide Supreme Chicken

SousVide Supreme Chicken vacuum packed and ready for cooking

All I had to do was allow the chicken breasts to cook in the water for about two hours and then voila, they were ready for searing.

That only took about 30 seconds per side in a hot pan with about a tablespoon of oil.

The chicken breasts were then cut into one inch pieces and served with the caesar salad.

It really is that easy. For more information about the SousVide Supreme, check out this link.

Disclaimer: The SousVide shown in this recipe was supplied to me free of charge for use in my recipes and photos.